Why Choose Us

We Prepare Children For The Future With Expert Care

Highly Rated By The State

Nebraska’s Step Up To Quality program gives you confidence in your child’s care.

Tailored Learning Plans

Your child gets personalized attention and a customized plan to ensure their success.

A Blend Of 5 Curricula

With 5 curricula, your child flourishes academically, socially, physically, and emotionally.

The Same Teacher All Year

Your child thrives with the same teacher all year and builds firm friendships with peers.

Thoroughly Safe And Clean

Strict security and sanitization measures keep your child safe, happy, and healthy.

Outdoor Play Every Day

Your child builds strength, confidence, and healthy habits in a big, inspiring playground.

How Old Is Your Child?


6 Wks - 18 Months


18 Months - 2 Yrs.


3 - 4 Years


5 - 6 Years

School Age

5 - 13 Years

Summer Camp

6 - 13 Years